At Baptist Youth, we believe there is something special about camps. Having the opportunity to spend a whole week learning from God's Word, connecting with new friends, and having A LOT of fun - there is no doubt that Camps change lives!


Fancy Coming To Camp?

Each year, we have hundreds of young people attending one of the wide variety of BY camps on offer. Whether you are 8 years old, 18 years old, or even 68 years old, you can be involved in our camp experience! Generally speaking, we have 2 types of camp. Firstly we have Childrens Camp - this is for anyone from P4-P7. Secondly, we have Youth Camps, these are for young people from Year 8 - Year 12.

In order to find out more about Baptist Youth Camps 2017 and HOW TO APPLY, check out our Camps Brochure by clicking here.


Over 18? Want to Volunteer?

Behind every great camp is a great team of volunteers. These volunteers are from all walks of life. The one thing that unites each of our volunteers, however, is that they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A rigorous process of application in line with BY’s child protection policy is undertaken for all our officers on our camps (copies of the policy are available by contacting Baptist Youth).

If you would like to assist the leaders of a camp by applying to become an officer, APPLY ONLINE by clicking here.



Camp Information 2017

Childrens Camps 

Ballycastle Easter Camp

Date: 15-18 April 

Leaders: Joel Hutchinson & Josh Russell

Age: P4-P7

Cost: £50 / €60


Coleraine Camp

Date: 2-8 July

Leaders: Mark & Jeanette Palmer, Marty Gault, Ryan Gregg

Age: 8-11

Cost: £105 / €126


Kilkeel Camp

Date: 16-22 July

Leaders: Peter & Joanne Lawther, Mark & Claire Thompson

Age: 8-11

Cost: £105 / €126


Millisle Camp

Date: 30 July - 5 August

Leaders: Ian & Kerry Courtney, Karen Cowan

Age: 8-11

Cost: £105 / €126


Youth Camps 

Ballycastle Easter Camp

Date: 12-15 April 

Leaders: Joel Hutchinson & Josh Russell

Age: Year 8-12

Cost: £55 / €64


Boys Soccer Camp

Date: 24-28 July

Leaders: Mark Hayes, Gareth Loney & Davy Wolfe

Age: 11-14

Cost: £118 / €145



Date: 18-23 July

Leaders: Stephen Rankin, Rachel Anderson, Andy McAnally & Sophie Worthington

Age: 15-17

Cost: £155 / €188


Armagh Camp

Date: 30 July - 5 August

Leaders: Simon & Shirley Curry, Stevie Wolfe

Age: 12-15

Cost: £165 / €200