Imagine the excitement of meeting a Bible hero face to face and hearing the amazing stories of how God changed their lives! On the Amazing Journey, you get to do just that - meeting people like Noah, Goliath, Mary and maybe even a Roman Centurion!!

Story Telling 

The Amazing Journey is designed for Primary school pupils and uses creative story telling, colourful displays and Bible characters to introduce children to the key stories and message of the Bible. Each year, thousands of children across Ireland experience the Bible in a fun, interactive, exciting and truly memorable way. Best of all, the Amazing Journey is offered free of charge to schools!

The Amazing Journey has a number of presentations that can visit schools on an annual basis or as often as desired. The presentations cover different aspects of the Bible, but link together to give the children a knowledge and flavour of the world's best selling book!

Awesome Activities

As part of the Amazing Journey experience, pupils will also have the chance to participate in 2 exciting activities. Every child will have the opportunity to try on a Bible-time costume and to taste some Bible-time food! It really does engage all the senses, bringing the story of the Bible to life. 


How does it work? 

The Amazing Journey takes place in a school hall to allow the large display boards to be erected. We understand that these halls are often used at lunch times, so we can be flexible to suit each school. Each presentation is differentiated to suit key stages. We usually spend 1 hour with older pupils (KS2) and about 45 minutes with younger pupils (FS/KS1).
The maximum number of pupils we can work with at one time is 90, but the ideal number is about 60-80, enabling the pupils to fully enjoy and benefit from the experience. Schools with over 300 pupils will need more than one day to complete. Smaller schools (less than 120 pupils) can usually be completed by lunchtime.


The Amazing Journey is organised by Baptist Youth (Ireland), but has no denominational emphasis. It is sponsored by local churches and is therefore free of charge to primary schools in all sectors throughout Ireland. Local churches provide a team of volunteers who act as the Bible characters and assist the children with the activities. All volunteers are required to have met the criteria laid down in their church’s Child Protection Policy. However, we ask that a teacher remains with each group and takes ultimate responsibility for pupils. 
If you are interested in having The Amazing Journey visit your school, contact James on 07745459093 or Send a Message via the Contact Form